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Hi Bloggers,

   I have been learnt how to choose, or buy a dog. It seem to be easy but you have to think    really carefully before you buy dogs. First, you go to pet store, if you see a dog that fat, or sleep a lot, so it mean that is a lazy dog. If the dog look excited, or jumping around that dog seem to like you, or it really healthy, and if you see a dog that bark a lot, it might be a dog to keep rubbers away from your house, or when you come near to a dog, and it walk away that dog seem to not really like you. Second, you ask the staff to pick your dog out, and tried to carry it. Lastly,  buy the dog!



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Hi Bloggers,

This is how I create my sand picture

First I press the button “C” to choose my color,

Then I hold my left click to build a mountain.




To choose another color, press left/right arrows to switch colors, if you don’t like it, just press “E” for erase


                                                                                         This is what I’ve done, have fun!

This is how I play Magic Pen! 

It is a very logic game, that have to use your brain and think really hard. I will show you how is the 1st round look like.

You have to hold your left click, to make a circle and push the red circle to let it pass the red flag

Spring Break :]


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Hi Bloggers,

Honestly, I had a very boring Spring Break this year! I hung out with my old friends on the first week of spring break and it was awesome!! My friend from Australia just came back, and we decide to have a best hang out week, we went around Phu My Hung (WALK!) and then we went swimming in Sky Garden 2. Then I went to my friend’s birthday party, it was fun! we went swimming again in The Manor apartment then we decide to go to Vincom Center to eat something (at that moment i literally feel “starving”  i can’t wait until i get there) I believe that i ate Carl Jr., after a whole day we had some fun and it’s time to go home. And i spent most of the time staying at home on the last week 🙂 guess what? I watched movies, and eating A LOT! :]]



Source: Shopping Mall

World Water Day


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Water Facts

884 million people lack access to safe water supplies; approcximately one in eight people, 3.575 million people die each year from water realted disease. People living in the slums often pay 5 – 10 times more per liter of water than wealthy people living in the same city.

Water Problem

2006 United Nations Human Development Report, some 1.1 billion people developing

Lack of water means women spend many hours collecting water everyday, sometimes from many miles away.

contries have low quality access to water, 2.6 billion  poeple lack basi system used keep healthy standards in place where people live by moving waste products and garbage safely. Some 1.8 million children die each year as result of diarrhea, 433 million school days are lost each year from water-related illness. Millions of women spending several hours a day collecting water, human costs can be add massive economic waste with water.

I am


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I am student, daughter, younger sister
I am happy, peace and careful
I am chocolate, cold and cupcakes
I am brown eyes, black hair
I am sneakers and wonderful earrings
I am Jennifer and Raccoon and 7th graders
I am love animals
I am pink, blue, black
I am thankful.

My Avatar


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I think this girl look like me the most but kinda skinny, and yes I have a big black glasses on but not round shape. Usually, I wear skirt in school, with a red T-shirt. I have black straight hair with a long bang on, and i wear a lot of bracelets.

Digital Citizenship


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There are nine ways of digital citizenship:

Digital Access is participation in society.  All people should have fair technology no matter who they are. To become productive citizens, we need to equal digital access

Digital Commerce is electronic buying and selling of goods. Technology users need understand share of market is being done electronically. the mainstream of Internet purchases of toys, clothing, cars, food etc. become common to many users. Users need to learn consumers new digital economy

Digital Communication is electronic exchange of information. Changes with digital revolution is person’s ability communicate with others. Now, the communication options have many variety choices (ex: email, phones, messaging,etc), but tin the past there are very less communication. Many users have not taught how to make decisions to faced with different communication options

Digital Literacy is process of teaching and learning about technology and use of technology. In schools, technology is great progress, focus on technology to taught well how it should used. As new technology come out, they have to learn how to use that technology quickly. Digital Citizenship educating people in a new way (these way need high information  skills)

Digital Etiquette is electronic standards of conduct or procedure. Users see in area most pressing problems deal with Digital Citizenship. Before they use the technology they don’t learn how to use it. Many people feel uncomfortable talking to others about digital etiquette. Must teach everyone become responsible digital citizens in this new society.

Digital Law is electronic responsible for action and deeds. For example, hacking to other information, send spam

Digital Right & Responsible is freedoms everyone in digital world. Users must definded appropriate to use


About me


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Hi there :] 

My name is Jennifer, I’m 12 years old and I live with my older sister, mom and dad in Vietnam, HoChiMinh city.

I study at TAS (The American International School of Vietnam), I’m 7th grade. I’m Vietnamese, so I have black hair, and brown eye. I also like to eat sushi and drink coffee, and my hobbies are listen to music, skype with my friends, and probably reading too. I’m very happy, peaceful, careful, but when I was young I’m very shy and quite.

Hello world!


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